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Geyserville Gun Club

Why Hello There!!!! If you made it this far you can see that we are closed…… Super Sad we Know, BUT!!!! Have no fear we aren’t closed closed, just sorta closed. You can still get our featured cocktails as well as some of our signiture dishes next door at Diavolapizzeria.com

We miss you all and we look forward to reopening as soon as we can.


The Gang

Geyserville Gun Club Bar


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Geyserville Gun Club

21025 Geyserville Ave.,
Geyserville, CA

Telephone: 707-814-0036
FAX: 707-814-0114

Happy Hour 3:30 -5:30 Monday- Friday!

Please join us-we are open 7 days a week!

Monday: 12-10:00 (Kitchen open Until 9:30pm)

Tuesday: 12-10:00 (Kitchen open Until 9:30pm)

Wednesday: 12-10:00 (Kitchen open Until 9:30pm)

Thursday: 12-10:00 (Kitchen open Until 9:30pm)

Friday: 12-12:30 (Kitchen open Until 11pm)

Saturday: 12-12:30 (Kitchen open Until 11pm)

Sunday: 12-10:00 (Kitchen open Until 9:30pm)

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